Student Services

The counseling program at Bowman Ashe/Doolin K-8 Academy is available to help all of our students develop positive learning experiences. It is our goal to assist all of our students in developing the skills and knowledge necessary to achieve their maximum academic, personal/social, health and career/community potential. The program consists of a variety of services and activities, including individual and group counseling, parent and teacher consultation, group guidance, information services and referral assistance to other programs and services in the community. Primary services of the school counselor provide direct assistance to all students.

The school counselor is a certified professional with preparation in human development, learning theory, counseling and consulting, career development, research, and other areas appropriate to the practice of school counseling.

Counselor Request

Parent consultations are scheduled by appointment.

Appointments can be made by contacting a school counselor. Our contact information is as follows:

Elementary Counselor: Yamile Lombard, 305-386-6667, Ext. 124

Middle School Counselor: Jenny Dominguez, 305-386-6656, Ext. 2112